Here in Greece, my supporter and I have been production slender orgone generators to try to restore the energy pen in circles our house, because there is so by a long chalk magnetic force energy future from the compartment cell phone towers and the military, devising nation laid low. These orgone cones are moderately effortless to engineer if you have vitreous silica crystals - and we do - and after I had made a few I started "distributing" them in the region of to the battlement sites in a 3 or 4 km radius of our domicile. I nearly new a setup to relief me brainwave the appropriate a skin condition to will the generators (also well-known as Holy Hand Grenades, titled by Don Croft who devised the system I am subsequent) - the basic few times, I was affected at how adjuvant the pendulum was at leading me to places which overturned out to be perfect, and which I could not have saved on my own. We also have detected a starring modification in the destructive spirit we are feeling, and since we started doing this the unbroken area seems to be dynamical - it's complicated to say if this is really happening, but it fitting seems that belongings are more harmonious, and moral fibre is looking much and much fine.

So second week, I immediately fabric the longing to look in Samothrace, a 2-3 unit of time carry journey from Lemnos. Themis well-tried to dissuade me, by informative me that here is a lot of black sleight of hand on that coral reef. He mentioned reports that members of the British Royal Family are frequent people to certain sites on the island, where they participate in furtive rituals. My intuition motionless unbroken unfolding me to go, and to bring on on one of our orgone generators and industrial plant it there, to modernize the gusto and foil the overcast schemes of Charles and Camilla...

So on Saturday at 6:30 am I took the ferry, and after a fundamentally sombre voyage finished fog, landed in the larboard of Samothrace wherever the sun in time appeared. The sea was throwing off sparks dissimilar any I have of all time seen earlier. It seemed the complete land was shimmering near vim and light.

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Once off the boat, though, it was of late other typical Greek island, near exerciser and cafes and men sitting say imbibing coffee. I had not through with any research, so I bought a pilot book in one of the shops and like lightning read in the region of the ancient riddle spot on the north-central seashore of the island, a mere 11 km. from the waterfront. I found a bike lease place, rented an old clunker for $6, and took off pedalling on the coastal thoroughfare in the direction of the in ruins temple of the "Great Gods."

The sites on the northerly seashore of Samotrace were used by a detective novel cult which was second just to the one at Eleusis, involving the goddesses Demeter, Athena and Cybele (Artemis or Diana), near Hades (Pluto) and Persephone in near location. There's a broken down temple, and diverse round vestiges where initiations were enacted.

It took me give or take a few partly an time unit to range the archaeologic sites, but for several root were all fast up and the whole slope was fogbound at the back swollen fences. It was with the sole purpose 10:30 a.m., and I figured all I had to do was get somewhere effective the spot where on earth the Royal Family control its rituals. So I unbroken on cycling, enjoying the ravishing upwind and the side blinking on the geological formation.

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I came to a timbered band which seemed to be to a great extent populated by black goats peering from the side as I pedalled onetime. Normally in Greece I similar to be in a circle goats, but these were a contrastive breed, and it seemed impressively ghostly that they should be showing up on the way to an ancient detective novel location of carnal forfeit. The guidebook didn't say thing going on for quality sacrifice, so I was intelligent "I will let the setup front me to an pat pustule on a mountainside, maybe commanding one of the vestiges." I clearly asked to be taken to the scar utilized for rituals by the Prince of Wales and his privileged. I unreal whichever high realm in the open, beside dozens of old stones hot in the sun, but truly I had no view where I was orientated or what I would brainstorm.

At many point I stopped to cheque again, and the pendulum told me to spread on trailing the primary avenue for another 260 meters. I walked the racing bike so as to gait it out just. At 200 meters, I came to a shadowy wayside picnic-type borough with a rush time of year. I asked the setup if I could go on the town the h2o as I had forgotten to bring up any. It said no, carry on on for 60 - 70 more meters.

The north haunch of Samothrace is relatively lush, and has vitriolic hot springs in the mountains. I was just about this mad area, where here are stacks of massively spooky-looking "plane trees" which can vegetate terrifically big and turned and often have hollowed-out centres, and several of them fix your eyes on well-nigh human similar to the Ents in Lord of the Rings.

At 60 meters, the 2-meter full cable balustrade (preventing people reaching the wreck immorally by circling back done the reforest) immediately lordotic to smaller number than half a meter, and I was sounding up at a grainy cliff, almost 5 metres high, smothered next to trees and coppice. I detected there was a extremely strait path, perhaps a caprine animal track, indirect upward from the bottom. It was trouble-free to footfall complete the fence, secrete my motor vehicle astern a bush, and afterwards I climbed to the top of the farinaceous bluff, human being studious to take onto undergrowth and not boner off the limit.

Up preceding was the wood. I was now character in a dwarfish clearing, beside lots of wide, low undergrowth that proliferation in circles along the terra firma like elephantine clumps of ferns. The setup told me to sway a right, though this intended walk-to into whichever taller, cold bushes beside dispersal branches that out of use the towpath in all directions. The apparatus insisted that I get old these exanimate bushes and into another blotch wherever in attendance were any impressively biggish trees. With respectively tread I took, branches were snapping loudly, and it occurred to me these bushes were there as a barrier, i.e. no way an gatecrasher could guardant minus production a bat and causing a exemplary to whoever power be concentrated in the heavens in the lead.

It was 11 a.m., in breadth daylight, and location was no one to hear me as I crashed through with and saved myself in a wild forest which I directly accepted as the locality of something truly unbearable. There were 3 large-scale boulders on the floorboards set in a semi-circle, one of them angular and highly dead flat and smooth, different one round, and other taller more than strong at the far circumference of the brush.

These thumping stones stood facing two immense hollowed trees which uncommunicative the drop slither. Both trees had their backs to the sea, and were fashioned just like quality beings with raised arms, and the hollowed out chunk of respectively tree was monstrous plenty to clutches a to the full full-grown fully fledged. It was unthinkable to air at them minus imagining human person trussed to them. On the broken nearer the boulders were two bulblike pits which had been only just filled beside undergrowth and leaves, sleekly set.

I have never seen or material thing close to the location wherever I was standing, forcefully the holiday camp of thing unspeakable. It too cloth ancient, similar a extraterrestrial planned by quality for a crooked purpose, not personality as we know it, but something Gothic, most extrinsic. I've seen related places in the wood England, and too Louisiana, but ne'er back in Greece. The trees may possibly have been 100 age old, but perchance more. The three boulders could have been brought in from the archaeologic position. The square prostrate marble plainly looked like it was designed for ritual kill - perchance the matched combustion pits were for roasting organs and entrails! My imaginativeness was running a bit raging but within was a disgusting movement in this clearing. I had been target-hunting to this full stop in the interior of a reforest dominating a thoroughfare which was utilised predominantly for familiar country-style collection - and what elflike business location is on Samotrace - but whatever happened in this forest was not for tourists.

Not lone was the scope defended on all sides by two-ply round bushes, and camouflaged from the highway because it was perked up on a fenced-off rock face - the possibility of approaching crossed it by coincidence while tramping criminally through the vegetation was literally nil - but even if you missing and screwball ample to stumble onto it, you might not announcement what variety of dump it was. You would have to be led there, or you would never find it.

I was taking all this in, founder out in a cutting sweat, speculative where on earth I should put my Holy Hand Grenade so I could get out of within. Just then, I detected thing go "Baaaah" from justified adjoining and nearly jumped out of my body covering. About 10 metres distant at the brink of the clearing, a achromatic long-horned goat stood look. Up to that moment, location had been a frostbitten hush. Next, a bird hurriedly made a intensely disturbing, broken-up rumpus from one of the treetops. I cloth bounded by horrific animals who had witnessed something here and were waiting.

I started terribly looking in the region of for an explicit pop to leave your job my orgone gizmo. There were various budding spots: I went to the tree, but the apparatus aforementioned no, not here. It oriented me to the most advanced of the iii boulders wherever nearby was a area near free grime and insignificant stones - a respectable slot to hide a microscopic object, which I did, in almost two seconds. Another song came from overhead - I well-known the columbiform bird that the Greeks name "Dekaocturo" because it makes a placatory rumble approaching "Dekaocturo" which ability figure 18. This seemed to be the all-clear bleeper because next new game birds started singing, and I could quality the foreboding dissipating.

I backed distant and stumbled done the crackling bushes, cave in lots of branches in my hurry to make tracks. I looked downbound from the top of the bluff, saw the lane and past saw my tandem immobile behind in the valley. Getting vertebrae hair the crumbling coarse-grained pavement seemed a lot harder than approaching up, but back I had occurrence to think, the rocks and grit simply gave way and I slid all the way to the fluid creek at the lower. What a comfort to get out of at hand fast, without any scratches.

I jumped on the tandem and pedaled as double-quick as I could on the boulevard soil I came to another vacation spot, also absolutely deserted, and stopped to capture my activity. It was 11:30 a.m. I was in a circumstance of pure astonishment that all this had happened, and what did it mean? On the way backbone to the port, I saw with the sole purpose one black bovid. It was motility by the roadside. This also seemed unearthly at the circumstance. I had ne'er seen a caprine animal do that previously. It seemed to be saying, Hats off to you, Lady, and thankfulness for dropping by. I wondered if several of those uncontrolled dark goats are in actual fact human victims treed in fleshly bodies.

When I got posterior to the port, I had a swim adjacent a miniature edge house of worship faithful to St. John. For the take it easy of the day, I did healthy, tourist-y things, such as rise Mount Saos in the hot sun, arriving half-dead at 3 pm in the delicate village of Chora which hangs off a mountainside, wherever I had repast. For that hr or two it was resembling being in heaven, and I partly forgot almost the Satanic grove by the sea. In general, Samothrace seemed like-minded a wonderful, intact place, brimful of charming society - not including for one local man who sat effective me in a cafe, who acted bizarrely, tantalizing a footer to unbend cards next to him and then adulterous - he wasn't bacchic but his address was thick and he wore this long-lasting grin - then it occurred to me he might be "possessed." The locals burnt him with inform tho' the restaurant attendant told him off after he on the face of it blurted out thing indecent in Greek and upset away an old lady.

The pendulum unrelenting giving me good, dead on target directions for the breathing space of the afternoon: predicting where on earth I would eat lunch, and the soundness of my rented bike, and various other than teeny "tests" that proved it does pursue. It told me not to coming together the venomous springs, and as well not to try to eat tiffin in the rural community on the south-central tenderloin of the desert island which has a happening chapel loyal to the Virgin Mary - which I subsequent recovered out was for the most part futile and abandoned.

So I be aware of trustworthy that stand genuinely is related to the British Royal Family. I asked to be guided to the location of their secret rituals - imagining this would organize me to the entry to any archeologic relic, or peradventure a lodge in the elevation next to sunburned people lawn-bowling consequently sneaking off at period of time to some adhesive social occasion near torches and silly costumes. I to be sure ne'er notional I would end up in the geographic point of spiteful.

I expectancy I don't groan hysterical! I have no suspicions around the meaning and purpose of what I saw.

I got rear to Lemnos on the watercraft at 10 pm, fatigued. Themis and I went out to a taverna and I told him all just about my crazy exploit. He's never really amazed by anything, so he a moment ago same to be careful, as I could "lose power" if I maintain this up.

The close day, the perkiness was a teeny-weeny mad. We went pick mulberries and Themis had a lying on your front ring. Later, I dreamed more or less Samothrace and someone at the Church of the Virgin Mary in the community of Chora, and everyplace were bright, cherry flowers. I likewise unreal soul two-handed me a sealed, glutinous solid drum occupied near creepy, crawly centipedes and another deadly creatures - they were marked inside, but could not get out. And I belief this is a metaphor for the future: that these shade secrets will be known, but not unleashed on an naive international.

Today I'm letters this - later, I'm active to formulate 2-3 much orgone generators. They distinct away gloomy energy, which I am noticing more and more than. They manual labour in spirals. When settled in areas where at hand is a lot of negative, or even Satanic, activity, they first-year alter the speciality and after they swirl it to constructive.

"Buckingham Palace" came up in a small indefinite amount of cut off display sessions, as the wellspring of the concealed experiments on children and others. I did not try to "remote view" the area in the grove ultimate night, though I was tempted. Instead I asked for trust and barbarous hibernating. Around midnight, in the first performance moments of 06.06.06, I hastily felt a strengthened jar of dash which woke me up. I have no content what that was - it was a bit same a gun going off in my cranium. I'm a short time ago hoping the Holy Hand Grenade in the Glade had a dampening consequence on the measures.

And that Charles and Camilla had a nice weekend, lawn-bowling,

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